Guardian Orange First Words Competition…

Back from Hay, slowly trying to piece my thoughts and impressions together. Beautiful town, one of those small English towns where the most interesting thing that usually happens is the rain. [Hay is kinda different, in it you will find what is arguably the world’s greatest concentration of 2nd-hand bookshops). Lived out of a tent, hung out at an abandoned church that’s now become an ideas/music/dance club, met loads of interesting people, bought far more books than is healthy for a human being…

Will definitely do an essay/travelogue on my Hay Fever… perhaps a few poems as well…

A few days ago I got an email informing me that Kate Mosse selected my entry as the winner of the 2009 Guardian Orange First Words Competition. One of the prizes is a pair of tickets to attend the Awards Ceremony in London on Wednesday June 3, 2009…

Read about the competition, and Kate’s comments about my entry, here


5 thoughts on “Guardian Orange First Words Competition…

  1. What greater fellowship of brethren (in response to your Naija Church welcome piece). Nice, nice and congrats on your win again…and by the way, far too many books than is healthy, send some down, some Bookaholics in Naija will need them, don’t you think?

    Enjoy the remaining days!

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