Call for submissions – WORD FOR HAITI

Blacklondoners Appeal, a London based group are calling on all writers, illustrators, artists for contributions of short stories, poems, illustrations, cartoons, commentaries and lyrics to a collection of works to be published in May 2010. The book, Word for Haiti, will be part of BlackLondoners year long appeal to raise funds for Haiti.

Submissions should be themed around ‘faith, hope or love, survival, defiance, redemption’. BlackLondoners Appeal is encouraging grassroots organizations and communities to work together to help raise funds, raise awareness and help keep the focus on Haiti long after the cameras are gone.

Yetunde Ruban, the Appeal Coordinator says “although the appeal is a response to the 12 January disaster in Haiti, the book will be an affirmation of Haiti’s culture, its people, its art, and Haiti’s place in world history, in particular its role in the emancipation of black people everywhere. Word for Haiti will stand as testament to the enduring spirit of the Haitian people and a reminder of their pre-eminent place in world history.”

Proceeds of sales from the book will be donated to the Lambi Fund of Haiti. Writers should send their work to The closing date for all submissions is 31 March 2010




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