Nokia launches C3

So Nokia’s launching the C3 into the Nigerian market.

It’s a Generation Y — make that Generation F(acebook) or Generation T(witter) — phone: if you’re young, liable to suffer extreme discomfort when away from Twitter and Facebook, and looking for something affordable, it’s probably for you.

You get:

Instant home-screen access to Facebook and Twitter.

A 2 mega-pixel camera

GPRS and Wi-Fi.

To choose from 3 colours: hot pink, slate grey and golden white.

Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat on board

Memory card support — up to 8 Gigabytes

It’s mobile Social Networking 2.0, and is launching in Nigeria soon… watch this space for details:


3 thoughts on “Nokia launches C3

  1. Pls can i have d idea of d amount for d C3 nokia…cos i wish i could wait for d lunching in Nigeria.we are nokia people…

  2. The phone makes a lot of sense but my issue would be about cost and getting people to be on the nokia messaging the way BIS works. If connectivity with BIS is available the the phone is a hot sell. If not, then that would be a challenge

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