I’m amazed by how fast time seems to be flying. The hours slip out of my hands recklessly, so that I very often feel disoriented. I’ve got a handful of deadlines (magazine, newspaper, online journal; AND contest submissions) between now and the end of January (one week!). That’s apart from my fiction, to which I hope to commit a minimum of 500 words daily from now on! The journalism must decrease, that the fiction may increase. I’m not spending a year studying Creative Writing (fiction) so I can become a better (or better-known) journalist!

Spent this afternoon in class discussing the autobiographical writing of Mary Wollstonecraft (A short residence in Sweden), George Sand (Lettres d’un Voyageur) and Thomas de Quincy (Confessions of an English Opium Eater).

One of last week’s accomplishments was sending off a 1,500 “final version” (the draft submission was accepted for publication a week or so ago) of a book review to a University journal in the US. It’s for the 2011 edition of the journal, due out soon. I also had a book review published in the 2009 edition.

Found out about the GQ Norman Mailer Award 2011 today. Details here

And of course you may follow me on Twitter (where I spend a fair bit of time these days), here

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6 thoughts on “Random

  1. Phrase of 2011 – The journalism must decrease, that the fiction may increase!!!

    It will take an equivalent of Oga Achebe to beat that one for me lol.

    Just wanna say thank you again for the interview… reading this post tells me how hard pressed you must be for time this season. I deeply appreciate 🙂

    Have a fab february!

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