Many apologies for the week-long delay in bringing out this shortlist – life got rather busy, and I struggled to find the time to tackle an inboxful of submissions. More than a hundred entries poured in, in response to a call for submissions posted on Twitter towards the end of June. Entrants were asked to send in witty, interesting, revealing answers – in not more than 140 characters – to the question: “Why I Love My Blackberry.”
After careful review – I read every submission – I have selected the following 18 submissions (entrants names removed, for obvious reasons) to form the longlist. They cover the spectrum; from the witty to the awwingly romantic, the faintly ridiculous to the thought-provoking.
Let’s know what you think – which ones you ‘love’, ‘like’, ‘maybe’ or ‘wtf’?
A shortlist of five (5) will be announced on Friday July 6, 2012 (based on your comments!!!), and a winner on Sunday July 8, 2012. The winner will receive a Blackberry Bold 9900 smartphone, courtesy of RIM!
1. I love my blackberry because my friends live in it.
2. I love my Blackberry because @Yabiswacko said so
3. Before na girls my size I dey carry-journo,teacher, nurse;when I got my bb level change-Big gals for telecoms,oil& gas,1 for yankee.#bigboy
4. It saved my life, I was down and out, I got a mail about a vacant job, applied & sent my C.V using it & received my appointment letter on it
5. I can monitor my crush, meet deadlines and be part of any online community. Best of it? I don’t have to give out my digits. You can ping me!
6. The issue is with Fruits. Apple brought us to our doom. Maybe Blackberry will end it. I have to love my BlackBerry.
7. I’m a graduate with no job, on my blackberry I get emails of job vacancies everyday and with that I get closer to finding that perfect job.
8. From witty tweets to wild emails. From pings of love to texts of sorrow. From photos of joy to apps of happines. My Blackberry, my heart. ❤
9. “I get so caught up in pinging n tweetin on my bb that i often get into the shower with my clothes on…” – this is why i love my BB
10. My nifty little widget
A battery powered gadget
An awesome modern object
Resource on every subject
My ally, my blackberry J
11. Frm d mean str of twitter,2 d quiet corner of fb,neva endin pings,d almighty browser n d word mole wen there’s no subscription. ♥ my  
12. My fiancé and I can see each other(in pictures) everyday even though we are miles apart and I miss him so.
 13. My Blackberry brought out the latent activist in me. From twitter comments to Eagle square, reclaiming NIGERIA through information sharing.
14. I love my blackberry because It makes (“)business(“) easier, enables easier setting of paroles and it makes me get a-HEAD (pun intended).
15. 4 years ago thought bb disciples were wasting their lives.Fast forward to the present:I realised I don mumu tey tey
16. My blackberry has a mind of its own, if you can believe it. Goes off when it feels like, and won’t be told what to do. Such independence.
17. I tweet from my perch/I ping & I search/at workshops & bus stops & even in church/12am texting & flirting wiv females/140xters all via email
18. The world is finally at my fingertips! I stand astride continents. But best of all,I love my blackberry cos I get to stalk my one true love!
So, what dost thou think? Who deserves the prize? That’s what the comments box is for – I’ll be taking the comments into consideration when putting together the shortlist
BlackBerry ® Torch 9900 ™ Smartphone
Iconic High-end Premium Design
•Best in class wide QWERTY keyboard
•Brilliant high-resolution 287 DPI capacitive touchscreen
•Thinnest BlackBerry ever: 10.5mm
•Brushed stainless steel frame designed with precision for performance and durability
Professional-grade Performance
•New 1.2 GHz processor delivering powerful high-end performance
•4x faster HSPA+  connectivity (14.4 mbps)
•768MB RAM + 8GB of ample onboard memory for all types of media
•Liquid Graphics™ – smooth touch; instantly responsive; fluid animation
•5.0MP camera that also supports crisp 720p HD video recording
•Wi-Fi · GPS
* Available  in market since September 2011  

45 thoughts on “[Longlist] MID-YEAR BLACKBERRY GIVEAWAY! (finally!)

  1. Bros T,if I can get a bold2 myslf I won’t mind.but aspa d comments above,each 1 of dem deserv to win no exception,cos their answers captures all bout ds BB of dis age.u ar closr to d world.Tnx bros T,I follow u O.

  2. I’ll love no. 5. Because it’s witty, has an edge to it and is actually true. I love the fact that I don’t have2give out my number to ppl I just meet.

    No. 16 is funny sha! But it speaks ill of the blackberry device so I guess its not what rim is looking for.

    No. 18 is nice too but its too short and doesn’t say much.

  3. I honestly love the blackberry because of the look. It looks so sophisticated and professional. The keypad is also super easy to use. I need a phone like this in my life. The blackberry just makes life easier !

  4. Lol. Please why are these people rhyming…did u ask for a rap verse . 5 is the best for me..and deserves it. Funny and reads like an ad. Most people got a bb just so they can be part of an online community: bbm, twitter, facebook etc.

  5. I choose No 7 because I actually received an email for my job interview and it helped me cos I av a job now 🙂

  6. Hmm. Some great reasons here. I’m also a graduate. A jobless one. I like entry no 7 because it states y I would want one.

  7. I think all reasons stated above deserve to win. I mean they all capture the essese of a blackberry. But if I’m to pick one, I’ð say I love no 7

  8. No 18 is just very funny. And it’s true. People stalk people. Lol. But I love no 7 nevertheless. Captures why now I would need a blackberry

  9. Entry number 7 deserves the prize coz he/she talked about securing a job which is paramount to any economy! Nothing better explains blackberry’s importance…

  10. Number 7 obviously knows the real use of a blackberry other than the usual pinging and social networking.
    Number 5 is quite funny too, nice
    I vote 7

  11. Most of the entries are from people trying to be funny. Most people don’t even know the real use of a blackberry, 4 and 7 are the best in my opinion because they put the phone into good use

  12. I don’t like the blackberry madness. I like no 7 because basically that’s what I would use it for if I had one

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