Midyear #BBGiveaway – A winner at last!

Q: I love my BB

A: The world is finally at my fingertips! I stand astride continents. But best of all,I love my blackberry cos I get to stalk my one true love!

I’ve now contacted the winner by email – waiting to hear from him/her before I share details. Many thanks to all who entered, and patiently waited until now! 


The winner of the Blackberry Bold 9900 is Damilola Aderiye. She’s a lawyer, and lives in Lagos. Congratulations to her!


3 thoughts on “Midyear #BBGiveaway – A winner at last!

  1. So my entry didn’t make the top 18…….but Congrats to the winner. Its a really cool one! And kudos to Mr. Tolu Ogunlesi

  2. Not bad dou.. Bt I think my concept is better and I also expected a list of possible winners to be posted. Like you promised.its not as transparent as I thought it wil be.

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