[Interview] ‘I joined Twitter because it wasn’t Facebook’

This interview of mine was conducted in January 2012, and appeared in Issue 2 of the entertainment magazine Shakara International 


SI: When did you join twitter?

March 2009

SI: Why did you join Twitter?

Everyone was doing it. Actually, back then, not everyone. But it was becoming more prominent, and it didn’t have the clutter (wedding and baby albums and lengthy notes) of Facebook.  And it was just different from Facebook, and posed an interesting challenge: Be as interesting as possible in as few words as possible!

SI: Which is your preferred social media network and why?

Twitter. It’s a lot more focused and less cluttered than Facebook. If Facebook is a bonfire, Twitter is a powerful torchlight beam.

SI: How long do you spend on twitter daily?

Hard to tell. Hours sometimes. Once in a while I stay off for a whole day. But I have tweeted about 40,000 times in the last 3 years. Roughly 13,000 tweets per year, approximately 36 tweets per day. That’s a lot! 40,000 answers for when God asks me: “What did you do with your time on earth?”

SI: What is your most memorable campaign on twitter and why?

No idea. Everything becomes a blur after some time. The speed at which life happens on Twitter, whilst exhilarating, also diminishes its capacity for lasting significance.

SI: You recently won an award for being a ‘fighter’ on twitter; how did you receive the news and what is your reaction?

Actually, I didn’t win. I was nominated twice. Thankfully people didn’t think my thuggish credentials were strong enough.

SI: Who are your favourite personalities or handles and why?

Lots. Teju Cole (for ‘small fates’), Feyi Fawehinmi (for financial savvy), Miss Jayla (for her stories that touch the heart and other intimate places), Lumidizzle (for his ‘looling’), Andy Borowitz (for his wicked humour), Queen UK (for her stiff-upper-lipped-sarcastic-as-hell quips), and many more!

SI: Which is your favourite twitter application: Tweet deck, twitter for blackberry, twitter for iPad, mobile twitter?

Tweetdeck, followed by Twitter for web. I often use both in combination, because, like the four Gospels, they provide different perspectives of the same events. 

SI: What changes would you like to see in twitter?

An efficient way of archiving and searching through old/ancient tweets; A way to monetise tweets. 

SI: What feature do you enjoy using most on twitter: retweet, quote tweet, mentions etc

Retweet on Tweetdeck; Quote tweet on Twitter for Blackberry

SI: How many followers do you have?


SI: How many users do you follow?


SI: What informs your choice of people to follow?

Various things: humor, ‘crase’, a sense of the absurd, knowledge/insight, common interests, gender & geopolitical balance (kidding). And sometimes I get bullied into following.

SI: How many times, do you recall you have trended in Lagos and/or globally?

Lagos, maybe once, globally, never. As we say on Twitter, “who-are-my” to trend globally?

SI: What is your most memorable or favourite tweet-meet or conversation on twitter?

No single one. I’ve had lots of memorable ones. My exchanges with Nasir el-Rufai in 2011 will be somewhere near the top of that list.

SI: Which is your most trusted handle for confirmation of information, breaking news and updates?

@ntanewsnow. I’m kidding. It used to be @234next. Now I’m not so sure.

SI: What is the first thing and last thing you do when you sign into and sign out of twitter?

Check my mentions. Check my mentions.

SI: What is the most memorable fallacy about you on twitter?

Tolu Ogunlesi avatarIt has been said that I am a Twitter thug. It has also been said that I begged Mallam el-Rufai for a job. Only one of the above is true.

SI: Tell us more about your twitter profile picture…

It was a Christmas 2011 gift from a follower whom I’ve never met. 

SI: How many tweets have you made since joining twitter?

Not many. 39,375, only.


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