Bloggers Training – Lagos, Nigeria – Tue May 7, 2013

I’m working on assembling a network of Nigerian bloggers who blog on issues and trends and ideas in/on economy/economics, banking/finance, energy, oil and gas, environment & climate change, agriculture, gender, Africa, politics, technology, media & journalism etc. 
I tweeted last week asking people to send me links to blogs focusing on those themes, I got very few responses. That perhaps says something about how uncommon that kind of blogging is. Celebrity/Fashion/Entertainment blogging is by far more popular. (I understand of course that many people blog on a variety of topics, so it’s important to say that I’d generally define a blog by the kind of content that most often appears on it).
I realise the importance of having more people blogging actively (and not necessarily commercially-driven), following up on stories traditional media is missing or ignoring, and even putting up fresh coverage of their own. 
The idea is to encourage more blogging along those lines, help develop interest and capacity, and build a network of Nigerian bloggers who understand their critical place in the larger media ecosystem. 
As a first step I’m inviting interested persons to a Blogging Seminar on Tuesday May 7, 2013 (9am to 2pm), in Lagos.
Topics will include: 
  • Reporting, Sourcing & Following Up 
  • Video Blogging & Citizen Journalism
  • Social Media, Analytics & Web Tools for Bloggers 
  • Opportunities & Resources for Bloggers
It’s free to attend, but by registration only. Spaces are limited (25 persons max). If you’re currently blogging on any of those issues, or would like to start blogging, send an email to, with the following:
  • Short biodata
  • Brief summary (not more than 250 words) of your blogging experience (If you don’t have much of blogging experience then share something on your blogging ambitions/aspirations)
  • The themes/topics that interest you.
  • Your blog address
  • Twitter handle (if you’ve got one)

 Send on or before Monday April 29, 2013


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