#BBLive: Ten Minutes With CrackBerry’s Kevin Michaluk

Orlando, Florida | Thur May 16, 2013 (photo taken May 15)

So I got ten minutes with Kevin Michaluk, the founder of CrackBerry.com, the world’s leading BlackBerry site (and online community). And I asked him a few questions:

On Blogging (aka Kevin’s Tips for Tech Bloggers)



You need to like the topic you’re writing on.


It’s a lot of work to do, and it takes time. Lots of bloggers fall back on the easy things – rewriting news and hitting the Publish button. The best content is original and it takes a lot of time.


Try to produce memorable content. Do/[Write] things that people will never forget. It doesn’t have to be serious – it can be funny.


I never try to say I’ve got all the answers. I have opinions on everything, I like to be an expert, but I also acknowledge that I’ve got a community full of very knowledgeable people. It’s important to celebrate the knowledge of your community. It’s the community that matters.


Q10 or Z10?

He declined to answer this question. Made me feel like I was asking him which of his twins does he prefer 🙂

(He says he’s been asked this so many times, and he’s working on a post to address it.)

But he still had some things to say about both phones:

The Z10, he says “showed that BlackBerry can [provide] a touchscreen experience.”

The Q10 is the one that “feels and looks like a BlackBerry; the most BlackBerry” and is “better than any BlackBerry we’ve had.” He adds that it’s “the phone most BlackBerry users want” – because of the keyboard.


On the future of BlackBerry

He’s optimistic, and thinks the Q10 – which he calls BlackBerry’s “Cash cow device” – will buy the company enough time to “build everything on the consumer side.” – apps, new devices, etc.


On mobile trends to follow

He thinks that now that all phones are getting “really good”, attention will be shifting towards “what you can connect the phone to, and how does [that] change your lifestyle.”

In other words, what’s going to be differentiating phones in the now and in the future will not be so much what the phones can do by themselves, but the kind of relationships that phones will be able to get into; the kinds of worlds a phone will be able to create for its user with itself at the center. 


Finally, a question about what he does to stay abreast of news and info. He thinks that things have now changed so much that you don’t need to go searching for news; it’ll find you somehow, as long as you stay plugged in socially  – Twitter especially. He points out that three years ago he was heavily dependent on RSS feeds, but that today Twitter has largely replaced that. Summary of it all: Staying Plugged-in is now more important than Going Hunting 🙂


Find and follow Kevin on Twitter, here. And find and follow me, here.


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