Introducing: The ‘Gidiopoles’ Project – via @Gidiopolis

GIDIOPOLIS (Ghi-di-oh-puh-lis) (noun) An urban sprawl of 16 million persons, all united by a singular pursuit of ‘hustle’, and the lack of underground rail. Sometimes also known as Lagos.


So this is an experiment, inspired by the Curators of Sweden Project.

I’m starting a new project, in which I will hand over the @Gidiopolis account to people living in or visiting Lagos, to tweet from, each one for a period ranging from 24 hours to one week.  

Gidiopolis is The persons tweeting from @Gidiopolis shall be known as ‘Gidiopoles’

The idea is to have the ‘Gidiopoles’ tweet anything they want that gives people an idea of what life in Lagos is, as experienced by the tweeting Gidiopole. Traffic, work, leisure (favourite hangout places, restaurants, bars etc), sights and sounds, Lagos-induced rants, anything and everything (Gidiopoles could even plug a Lagos-based business or product, as long as they don’t overdo it!) 
In other words it will be a series of ‘My Lagos’ snapshots of the city.
During the period of tweeting Gidiopoles will have their names / twitter handles displayed (if they so wish) in the @Gidiopolis profile section. I’ll be using my handle – @toluogunlesi – to publicise the Gidiopolis account.
Then there’s a special category of people this project is targeting:
Lagosians, young or old, who want to experience the joys and frustrations of tweeting for a limited period of time without having to launch a Twitter account. I regularly meet people who say they don’t get Twitter. This might be an opportunity for you to give yourself a chance to see if you might get it after all. If after your ‘tenure’ as Gidiopole you still don’t get it, you’d at least have satisfied yourself that you tried. And if you do somehow miraculously get it, post-Gidiopolis, you could then go ahead and launch your own handle.
I’m hoping a couple of people might be interested in this project.
If yes, send an email to, saying, in as few words as possible (140 characters or less, lol), why you think you would make a great Gidiopole. (Please remember to include your name and what you do for a living). You don’t have to be a permanent Lagos resident, visitors are also welcome to apply, but you’d need to BE in Lagos for the period in which you will be a Gidiopole.

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