I think I may have solved the Mystery of my Vanishing Internet Data

So I’ve been complaining on Twitter about my Internet data.

Well, it seems as if I’ve now discovered what’s wrong.

Dropbox. Yeah, Dropbox.

My CANON camera folder auto-synced with the Dropbox folder on my Mac. So when I put in my memory card all the photos (hundreds of 4-6MB files) started automatically uploading to Dropbox, ON MY INTERNET.

That’s probably why 2Gb of Etisalat data vanished in 2 days, and 4+Gb of Smile data vanished in one afternoon. 

So there, mystery solved, I reckon.

On this specific count of undue and excessive exploitation both Internet providers are hereby acquitted and discharged. 

I have also now proceeded to unlink everything unlinkable in my Dropbox settings. 

Lesson Learned: Beware what your computer (or other internet-connected device) is plugged into. The Dropboxes of this world, with automatic settings that encourage unrestrained data consumption. 


One thought on “I think I may have solved the Mystery of my Vanishing Internet Data

  1. Perhaps the fight to fight is get Etisalat to STOP this nonsense of automatically withdrawing from your Voice “bank account” when your data plan lapses. It’s pure theft. Don’t assume I am awake when the so-called warning messages (that your data plan remains whatever MB) drop into my phone. Just disable the Internet when the plan lapses. It’s programming.

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