Attend the GOTNI Emerging Leaders Conference – Abuja, Nigeria (June 2013)

“There is no other time than now to invest in the leadership capital skills of Nigerians, if we must make progress as a nation.” 

LINUS OKORIE, President, Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI)


GOTNI invites application from young Nigerians for its Emerging Leaders Conference, with the theme LEADERSHIP FOR TRANSFORMATION: From Potential to Performance.

The conference, which will hold on the 14th and 15th June 2013, at the Congress Hall of the Transcorp  Hilton Abuja, will host over 1000 emerging young leaders who are making a difference in their communities, establishments, organization and states.

The gathering of these young leaders is aimed at setting an agenda for our nation and charting a new course for value orientation and attitudinal change in governance. As a non-profit Youth Leadership Capital Development Organisation, GOTNI has a passion to nurture various categories of young people less than forty years of age, into transformational leaders who will impact positively the various sectors of our society and economy.

The two day conference promises to inspire the emerging leaders through presentations and trainings by carefully selected leaders who have distinguished themselves in various areas of life endeavours. Leading the pack of resource persons will be Professor John Adair, the Chairman of The United Nations Leadership Systems and the First Professor Of Leadership in the world.

Breakout Sessions will include:

  • A minister’s round table with federal Ministers
  • A security roundtable with national security chiefs
  • An emerging leaders roundtable with young CEOs


Criteria for Participation:

  • Must be under 40 years of age,
  • Must be a Nigerian,
  • Must believe in Nigeria and desire a transformed and better Nigeria,
  • Must be self-employed or professionally engaged in a public or private institution,
  • Must be already making recognizable positive impact in his/her area of endeavor,
  • Must have achieved a name recognition in his/her place of work, State or the Nation,
  • Must show achievements in his/her profile
  • Must be nominated by self (if self-employed), institution, State, Local Government or Constituency,
  • Must be a person of good conduct and integrity.



Registration for participating in the conference is in progress. Send your profile to []


And find out more about GOTNI and the ELC, here


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